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Best Bone Broth Canada

Organic Beef Liver Capsules (30 servings) - Iron, Vitamin A & B12

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Improve your health, strengthen the body, and increase energy.

100% Organic Beef:

The pure formula supplements come from Organic Australian cows. Liver is a powerful addition to your diet but it's not everyone's taste! Capsules make it easy to take them every day. 

The Liver is immediately freeze-dried without removing the natural fat.. This retains and preserves all those essential heat-sensitive nutrients and minerals

Liver is a Nutrient Dense Superfood:

These capsules work as an energy booster and a memory growth supplement.

Liver is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Folate, Iron, and Zinc.

These nutrients give you:

  1. Increased Energy

  2. Mental Focus

  3. Boosted Immunity

  4. Improved Eyesight

  5. Skin Health 

Tired from the daily grind? 4-5 capsules a day will fill you with natural energy.


No fillers. No colors. No hormones. No preservatives. 

Each bottle contains 120-capsules. This is a 30-day supply. 

Best of all if you're not happy, we've got a 100% money-back guarantee. We will refund your money with no questions asked. 

Hit the "add to cart" button and take control of your health.


Organic Australian beef liver (83.3%), gelatin (capsule)

How to use

Have 2-4 capsules per day. You can also open and sprinkle on food or drink.


All orders are dispatched on the same day of order. Shipping is free and takes a maximum of 5 business days.

Return policy

Each Best Bone Broth product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Whatever your reason, just send us an email and we'll refund you 100%. Your purchase is completely risk free.

Nutritional Info

  Per 3g Per 100g
Protein 1.39g 46.25g
Energy 46.3kJ 1545kJ
Fat 0.37g 12.3g
- Saturated <1g 6.8g
Carbohydrates <1g 11.5g
- Sugars <1g <1g
Salt <1g 0.41g


Vitamin Levels:

Iron: 0.258 mcg per serving (4 capsules)

Vitamin A: 1080IU per serving (4 capsules)

The Best Bone Broth Promise


  • Packed With Nutrients

    Liver is full of Vitamin A. B12, Copper, Flouride, Zinc and CoQ10.

    These nutrients will have you feeling stronger and more energised.

    The result: more energy to tackle your day

  • Ancient Practices

    Many studies have shown liver is full of key nutrients - far above the recommended daily requirement!

    The problem is liver smells and is an acquired taste that many will never acquire!

  • Great For

    - Boosting your immune system

    - Improving your metabolism

    - Increasing your energy to levels you haven't experienced in years

    Beef Liver is the ultimate superfood that you've been missing.

  • Only The Best

    We only use beef from New Zealand - the highest quality source in the world.

    All beef is pasture-raised, grass-fed, hormone-free cows. GMO-free.

    Best of all, we make sure to keep the fat. No nutrients are wasted!

Our Guarantee

Try our Liver Capsules and if you don't like it, we'll refund you 100%.

No questions asked!

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